About Us

Who We Are

A. Nanga computer is an electronic Dealing Shop which was Established in 2010. It operates in all regions Mzuzu, Lilongwe and its headquaters in Blantyre city Malawi.

We sale computers of all Brands of Electronic gadgets eg, Laptops computers, Desktop Computers, Cellphones, Projectors, Flash Drives, Memory cards, chargers and many more.

We are Reliable and we offer high quality products both brand new and fairy Used products. We have good team and they will give a good customer Care service.

A Few Words About

Our Team

We have a well trained and experienced team that will serve you proffessionally

Buy from Us

We have both Brand new and fairy used products at an affordable fee

Why buying from us

Worldwide Shipping

if You buy from you are assured of getting your products delivered to you in time

Best Quality

we offer high quality products with a guarantee and warranty to a ny product

Best Offers

We offer high quality products at a very affordable price ever

Secure Payments

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